Thank you for your business. As your independent Insurance Broker, we purchase products and services on your behalf that are available, affordable and understandable.  We do not charge any referral fees, and we do not charge fees in addition to commissions.

Our role is to provide you with the most comprehensive coverage at a fair premium.  We also provide personalized, quality service that includes professional insurance advice, ongoing policy maintenance and claims support. When any issue arises regarding your insurance coverage, we are your advocate, using our professional experience to best represent your individual interest.
Requests to provide a quote is not an insurance policy.  It is not an offer of insurance.  Further information may be required in order for quote to be completed.  Quotes contain some information about coverage offered but do not entail all the conditions and exclusions that apply to the described coverage.  The actual wording of the policy governs all situations.  Quotes are available to persons resident in the Province of Ontario.

Commission Disclosure:

Brokerage compensation is set by the Insurance Companies and is part of your insurance premium.  For your benefit, we have listed below the Insurers that we represent and have included the range of compensation each provides as a percentage of your overall premium.  Compensation may vary depending on premiums and the cost of services insurers ask our office to provide. 


Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations
Please click here: CISRO-Principles-of-Conduct-for-Intermediaries-Consultation-Document.pdf

RIBO fact sheet about your Insurance Broker


Northbridge* 7.5-12.5%
Intact/Jevco* 7.5-12.5%
Zurich* 7.5-12.5%
Guarantee Company of NA* 7.5-12.5%
AIG Insurance Company 7.5-12.5%
Aviva* 7.5-12.5%
Peel Mutual* 7.5-12.5%
Chubb 7.5-12.5%
Economical Mutual Ins. Co.* 7.5-12.5%
CNA CANADA 7.5-12.5%
Travelers/ Dominion* 7.5-12.5%
Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. 7.5
Hagerty Canada 12.5%
Royal & SunAlliance – Facility Association; may be capped, please contact our office


A.M. Fredericks Underwriting Management Inc. 10-20%
April Canada Inc. 10-20%
Beasley (formerly Creechurch) 10-20%
Boiler Inspection & Insurance 10-20%
BIS Risk Solutions, Inc. 10-20%
Brownstone Insurance Managers Inc. 10-20%
Burns & Wilcox 10-20%
Cansure Underwriting Limited 10-20%
CHES Special Risks 10-20%
Coast Underwriters 10-20%


Cowan Insurance Brokers 10-20%
DAS Legal 15-20%
Northbridge* 15-20%
Intact* 15-20%
Zurich* 15-20%
Guarantee Company of North America* 10-20%
AIG Insurance Company 10-20%
Aviva* 10-20%
Peel Mutual* 10-20%
Chubb* 15-20%
Economical Mutual Ins. Co.* 10-20%
Travelers/ Dominion* 10-20%
Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. 10-20%
Victor (Formerly Encon Group Inc.) 10-20%
Equine Insurance Underwriters 10-20%
Evolution Insurance Inc. 10-20%
FM Global 0% – Fee for service only
R.C. Gougeon Limited 5-20%
HUB International 10-20%
H.W. Hollinger (Canada) Inc. (Lloyds) 10-20%
Jardine Lloyd Thompson 10-20%
K and K Ins. Brokers 10-20%
Markel International Limited 10-20%
Marsh Canada Limited 10-20%
Oceanic Underwriters 10-20%
PAL Ins. Brokers 10-20%
Optimum  10-20%
Premier Canada 10-20%
South Western Group 10-20%
Special Risk Insurance Managers 10-20%
SUM Strategic Underwriting Managers 10-20%
Totten Group 10-20%
Trans Canada Insurance 10-20%
Wayfarer Insurance Brokers 10-20%

Some partners may have changed their name, or we may have just started a new relationship with an insurance partner. If you do not see their name on this list please contact our office.  Should there be an increase in the commission schedule we receive from your insurer, or any other material change that affects compensation arrangements, we will notify you.
In addition to the Insurance companies listed, some insurers may from time to time place volume or mix of business restrictions on the broker, limiting your choice of company.  We may use other wholesale managing general agents/brokers for non-standard property insurance and our compensation with them varies and can be in the form of either commission or fees.
In order for us to maintain strong relationships with quality insurers, we work with each to provide the type of business they desire. The insurers with an asterisk (*) noted above recognize our efforts through a Contingent Commission contract. Payment of this Contingent Commission depends on a combination of growth, profitability (loss ratio), volume, retention and increased services that we provide on behalf of the Insurer.  Contingent Commission is not guaranteed.  For details information on Contingent Commission, please go the individual Insurer’s website.

Conflicts of Interest:

As your Broker, we must declare to our customers if we have any other financial links that could be considered a conflict of interest. We are a privately owned corporation and can confirm we do not have any direct/indirect ownership interest by an insurer or financial conglomerate, and we have no loans or credit facility with any insurance company.

Group Benefits

We access a variety of markets directly including in no particular order: Sunlife, Manulife, BlueCross, Greenshield, Claimsecure, RBC Insurance, Group Medical Services, Benefits by Design, Benecaid, Ivari, BMO Insurance, AIG Canada, Sirius, Empire, Ceridian, Encon, & Canada Life. Through our third party administrators (TPA) we also have access to the following: SSQ Financial, La Capitale, Desjardins, Great West Life, RSA, Equitable, along with any other carriers our TPA’s may have. We are always looking over current markets we do have to see if a partnership is no longer viable, as well as looking at new partners to see if they can add value, as such this list may change at any time without notice. Our compensation is paid directly from the insurers, usually set on a declining crown scale or a fixed percentage between 5% and 12%. If our commission is greater than 15% we will notify you in writing. We may qualify for bonuses, conferences, or other types of compensation. If you would like to know our exact compensation for your plan please do not hesitate to ask. Waddell Financial/Benefits uses Groupquest Benefits Resources Inc. to provide more efficient support for the administration of the plan. Groupquest receives an override direct from the insurance company equal to 1-3% of your premium and typically does not affect your rates. Groupquest does not represent all insurers in the market, if you would like more clarity if Groupquest represents your insurer please reach out to us.

Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities:

Your Insurer will be providing you with a Consumer Code of Rights and Responsibilities, which will be forwarded to you with your new policy. If you have any questions regarding this or any other aspect of your insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website at www.waddellinsurance.com.


Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations
Please click here: CISRO-Principles-of-Conduct-for-Intermediaries-Consultation-Document.pdf

RIBO fact sheet about your Insurance Broker