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Topics of interest appear in the following order:
1) Ride Sharing Services
2) Please DO NOT Drive Without Insurance
3) Turn on Your Lights
Ride Sharings ServicesRide-sharing services use an online app to connect passengers with drivers using their personal vehicles. Sounds simple, right? But the services may significantly impact your insurance coverage. 
Standard Auto Insurance Policy excludes coverage when the automobile is used to carry paying passengers or used as a taxi. 
Protect yourself as a user. You may not be protected against certain damages, losses and liabilities. Know if you’re covered – ask your driver.
Protect yourself as a driver. If you are intending to participate in a ride-sharing service as a driver, you should check with us, your auto insurance specialists, to ensure you have proper insurance that protects the driver, passenger and others.
It’s also a good idea to seek independent legal advice before you sign on.
(From FSCO's website)
Please DO NOT Drive Without Car InsuranceAll motorists in Ontario are legally required to have car insurance. Fines for convictions for driving without insurance are as follows:

1. For a first conviction, the minimum fine is $5,000 and the maximum is $25,000; 
2. For each subsequent conviction, the minimum fine becomes $10,000 and the maximum becomes $50,000. 

Uninsured car owners cannot sue for damage to their cars even when they are not at fault for an accident that occurs in Ontario. 

Insurance companies can sue an uninsured driver when that driver is at fault to any degree for the accident. 

Driving without insurance is against the law; it could be financially devastating; and it's irresponsible. Please do not drive without valid insurance coverage.
Turn on Your LightsWhen it rains, even in the middle of the day, visibility can become severely restricted. Whenever you turn on your windshield wipers, turn on your full driving lights, and those traveling behind you will be able to see you sooner. This applies not only on city streets, but especially on highways, where the distance required to stop is much greater.

Again, please turn on your full driving lights whenever you turn on your windshield wipers.