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Any quotation for Auto Insurance is based on the information you provide with your Request for
Quotation (RFQ) below. Should you accept a quotation, the information you provide in your RFQ will be
verified. In the event that the information is incomplete or inaccurate, the Insurer reserves the right to
revise the premium accordingly or withdraw coverage, if coverage has been bound. If the Insurer is
required to withdraw coverage under these circumstances, you may encounter difficulty in obtaining
coverage in the future. 

Prior to binding coverage, you may be requested to provide the following documentation:
  • Current Driver Abstract – 3 Year Statement of Driving Record for each driver. Driver Abstracts are available from a Ministry of Transportation - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office or ServiceOntario Kiosk near you or online at  for a nominal cost.
  • Loss experience letter(s) from the prior insurer(s) covering the past 6 years, with no coverage breaks.
  • Client Consent Form (available from our office) authorizing Waddell Insurance to act as your exclusive Broker and to release personal information for the purpose of securing requested insurance products and services.

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